NPC Study Data Warehouse
To make the study’s broad-ranging and original sources easily available to all participants, a data warehouse was developed. This provided for centralized management of the multidimensional data collected. By the time it concluded, the study had compiled and used nearly 100 energy forecasts or outlooks. These forecasts and several hundreds of papers/documents on various aspects of the energy sector were used in the interpretations that formed the basis of the study findings and recommendations. The data warehouse was designed to be the main analytical tool for the Task Groups, accepting all data collected from the survey questionnaire and other data sources. Data collected for the study included “Aggregated Proprietary” data from a survey of international oil companies and consultants, and “Wide Net” data from publicly available sources. Once in the data warehouse, selected values or ranges of values for any or all dimensions could be applied as a filter to enable analysis.

The National Petroleum Council has not endorsed or approved the contents of the study’s Data Warehouse but approved making this information available as part of the study process.

The NPC believes that the information in the Data Warehouse will be of interest to the readers of the report and will help them better understand the study results. The structured data captured in the Data Warehouse for use in the NPC study, along with software to display data and graphics, are being made available in the interest of transparency.

In broad terms, the Data Warehouse items included are

  1. Trendalyzer Package (visualization software and documentation):
    This directory contains an installable version of Trendalyzer, plus Quick Start Guide, which allow the exploration of key information extracted from the Data Warehouse.

  2. Data Archives:
    All of the raw data used in the Warehouse has been included. Specifically:

    A. The Excel templates completed as part of the “Wide Net” data collection effort
    B.1 Two comma-separated files which contain all the “Wide Net” data in “raw” format, ready for use in data analysis (one file contains numerical data, one file contains qualitative data)
    B.2 The raw files which correspond to the ”Aggregated Proprietary” data (one file contains numerical data in comma-separated format, one file contains qualitative data in excel format)

    Note that files in items B.1 and B.2 contain a header, which identifies each field of data. The format of the four files is not identical.

  3. Excel Processor (data processing software):
    For completeness, a copy of the software used to process the Excel templates completed as part of the “Wide Net” data collection effort. This software was used to convert the Excel templates (2.A. above) into raw numerical format (comma-separated files in 2.B.1 above) such that they could be uploaded to the NPC Data Warehouse.
NPC Data Warehouse Files * Download Zip File (28.6 MB)
* Users of this CD will need the following (or equivalent) software:
• Adobe Reader (.pdf)
• Microsoft Word (.doc)
• Microsoft Excel (.xls)
• Trendalyzer (provided, requires Windows operating system.)