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Executive Summary PDF LOGO Download PDF (44pp, 1.5 MB)
Abstract: This section contains the report transmittal letter, table of contents, preface, and executive summary of the study's findings and recommendations.
Chapter One: Energy Demand PDF LOGO Download PDF (56pp, 1.4 MB)
Abstract: This chapter examines how credible, integrated modeling efforts portray the future world energy situation and identifies the implications of those projections. Subgroups examined a wide range of demand data from public and aggregated proprietary sources, making no attempt to produce a new, consensus projection. Expert teams assessed technologies that hold potential for critical efficiency gains; coal demand and supply trends; and how cultural, social, and economic conditions and other non-technical forces shape energy demand.
Chapter Two: Energy Supply PDF LOGO Download PDF (82pp, 2.1 MB)
Abstract: This chapter examines endowment, resource, and production dynamics; describes the historical and projected energy mix; analyzes diverse public and aggregated proprietary data sources; and considers options for energy infrastructure and delivery.
Chapter Three: Technology PDF LOGO Download PDF (42pp, 1 MB)
Abstract: This chapter examines how technology can significantly improve energy-use efficiency in transportation and other sectors, while also expanding the energy industry’s ability to find and produce resources. Expert teams assess commercial and environmental opportunities for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, biofuels, nuclear, and other energy sources, noting the time frames needed to bring promising new technologies to market. They also consider ways government and industry can cooperate to renew the vital energy workforce.
Chapter Four: Geopolitics PDF LOGO Download PDF (18pp, 452k)
Abstract: This chapter recognizes that the global energy resource endowment is, indeed, enormous, but also examines “above- ground” risks such as access, resource nationalism, security concerns, political shifts, and environmental and security considerations. These can significantly affect the producibility, conversion, and deliverability of energy, and the timing of needed investments. The chapter also addresses implications of carbon constraints and seeks to recast calls for “energy independence” by endorsing opportunities for enhanced "energy security" in a truly global and inter-dependent energy market.
Chapter Five: Carbon Management PDF LOGO Download PDF (10pp, 452k)
Abstract: This chapter considers climate, energy, and emissions concerns by examining the natural carbon cycle in the context of global and U.S. energy sources and uses. Various carbon management options raise new regulatory and policy implications.
Chapter Six: Recommendations PDF LOGO Download PDF (5pp, 76k)
Abstract: The NPC study participants developed recommendations in five strategic areas. Study participants believe that implementing these five strategies will enable industry and government to more adequately prepare for the hard energy truths facing the United States and the world.
Chapter Seven: Methodology PDF LOGO Download PDF (10pp, 344k)
Abstract: This chapter describes how the study was organized and conducted. It describes the participants and expert task groups, identifies cross-cutting topics that emerged, details the data streams used for analyses, and explains how a data warehouse was created. An important feature of the report is a survey of 24 parallel studies that were recently published.
Appendix A: Request Letter and Description of the NPC PDF LOGO Download PDF (10pp, 360k)
Appendix B: Study Group Rosters PDF LOGO Download PDF (33pp, 140k)
Appendix C: Study Outreach Process and Sessions PDF LOGO Download PDF (2pp, 48k)
Appendix D: Parallel Studies - Process and Summaries PDF LOGO Download PDF (59pp, 7.8 MB)
Appendix E: Additional Materials on the CD PDF LOGO Download PDF (7pp, 124k)
Conversion Factors, Abbreviations and Acronyms PDF LOGO Download PDF (3pp, 88k)
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